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At Renewed Soul Wellness & Recovery we know that while pain is universal, the experience of heartache is extremely unique. I champion every woman to discover their own spiritual life and reach for the freedom they deeply desire in all areas of their life.
I use a multi-faceted approach to discipleship, Biblical mentorship, and healing trauma through Christian Coaching and Spiritual Direction.
By uniquely blending Christian IFS or Heart Sync, Immanuel Healing, and the healing principles of SOZO, Theophostics, and Integrative Family Modeling to help women be unaffected by the past and build a personal relationship with God that imparts discernable bravery and unrelenting courage. 

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Christian Coaching

Our groundbreaking Faith-Based Coaching seamlessly blends the principles of Internal Family Systems (IFS) with the Christ-centered framework of Heart Sync.


Christian Coaching incorporates the influential teachings of SOZO, Theophostics, Heart Sync, and the Immanuel Approach, emphasizing the significance of spiritual metamorphosis as the catalyst for enduring change.


Proficiency in these methodologies allows us to facilitate your journey of self-discovery and healing from ritualistic abuse, recovery from religious trauma, and unveiling the extraordinary impact of spiritual growth.


Experience the liberation of transcending your boundaries and embracing a more fulfilling life through our comprehensive, faith-driven coaching program.

Spiritual Direction

What is Spiritual Direction? If you have ever wanted to understand how to hear from God, how to apply the principles of the Bible to your personal life, or wrestled with the unspoken disappointment of unanswered prayers, then spiritual direction can help.


Spiritual Direction is designed to help you explore, deepen, and deconstruct your beliefs. Through discipleship and individualized mentorship, we will traverse the fabric of faith and spirituality together, to discover the keys to a rich spiritual life.


As we establish an authentic relationship rooted in trust and security, we can unveil the secrets of a fulfilling spiritual life, rooted in the truth of the Bible and the grace of God.


Embrace the transformative power of a personal encounter with Christ and discover the delight of purpose in your life.

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