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About Carter Redfield

Thank you for visiting Renewed Soul Wellness & Recovery, a judgment-free haven for women to belong. These are some things that happen pretty often here: ||the deconstruction of faith|| asking lots of questions || wrestling with truth || soul searching || a relentless pursuit of healing ||

Healing broken hearts, recovering from abuse, finding self-love, eliminating fear, conquering pain, making a comeback, and finding purpose are also things that happen every day here in the lives of women we are honored to walk with. 

My name is Carter Redfield, and I started Renewed Soul to offer women on a spiritual journey support and partnership to experience transformation and wholeness. My mission is to see you live free from pain and suffering. Whether it be division inside your soul from ritual abuse, doubt, and depression from religious trauma, low self-worth and feeling like you don't belong, confusion about who God is and who He says you really are, or feeling completely alone like no one cares, I will walk with you through the pain and out the other side to a new life where you don't just have to "cope" with life, but instead, really live free.

With over 13 years of experience providing Biblical-based Discipleship, Spiritual Direction, Chaplaincy, Faith-based Mentorship, and training in SOZO, Theophostics, Heart Sync Christian IFS, and Immanuel Approach, what truly qualifies me is that I have been you. Confused, ashamed, disappointed, and let down by people I trusted, I lived a life of unthinkable abuse and trauma. I am proof that healing is possible. I am transformed in every part of my body, soul, and spirit. I am extremely grateful for the honor of serving you, and this freedom is for you too. Reach out so we can discuss how Renewed Soul Wellness & Recovery can help you get there. 

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