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Your path to spiritual transformation and the road to self-discovery

Discover the Power of Spirituality Fused with the Practicality of Mental Wellness for the Result of Complete Healing

Our Christian Coaching is a one-of-a-kind service offered to women across the world that offers spiritual growth and change through a structure of Internal Family Systems (IFS) work combined with the Christ-centered foundation of Heart Sync. 


If you want the chance to go on the journey of a lifetime where you'll discover deep purpose, experience overwhelming joy, and transform into the person you desperately desire, read on!




If you have survived ritual abuse, mind control, religious trauma, or been hurt in church, our coaching can help you heal at the source of your pain.


Coaching can facilitate a tangible encounter with God where you witness the broken parts of your soul heal, the burden of pain lift, and have peace in every part of your soul. You're selling yourself short if you are just trying to survive or avoid your pain.


Your past doesn't have to hold you back. Let us help you find relief and freedom from the effects of religious abuse and ritual trauma.


We help women who have been hurt by infidelity or discover their partner is addicted to pornography.


Whether it's the betrayal of abandonment or the realization that someone you love is fighting a secret battle, the pain of broken trust leaves a hole that only God can heal.


Effects from betrayal can affect how we connect with others or pull away from them when we are vulnerable, as well as how we interpret these connections.


Our Coaching will help you heal so you can have safe, fulfilling, and enriching relationships. 


God has given us the gift of sharing our experience of the world with others through communication.


One of the most powerful tools we have in relationships are the words we speak or the silence we keep.


This expression of ourselves is affected by several circumstances happening at once while engaging with someone.


If you've ever felt misunderstood by your partner or struggled to communicate, we can help you and your partner learn to use Biblical tools to become the listener you desire.


It seems impossible to go anywhere without seeing pain followed by an answer, or advice, only to be followed by more pain, attempts at relieving the suffering, and more pain...


What's the answer?

Our Coaching provides more than empty advice or using self-will to survive.


Mentorship from women who get your struggle

Integration of Mental Health and Christian Principles

Life coaching based on Biblical truth

Communication skills and developing healthy connections

Relationship Coaching

Healing from betrayal trauma

Treatment for ritual abuse

Personalized programs to find your purpose

A journey to find self-worth and internal trust

Peace to live above your circumstances

Spiritual growth and personal relationship with God


These are some things that happen pretty often here

The deconstruction of faith 

Deepening relationship with God

Discovering truth

Internal transformation

Soul searching

A relentless pursuit of healing

Healing broken hearts, recovering from abuse, finding self-love, eliminating fear, conquering pain, making a comeback, and finding purpose are also things that happen every day here in the lives of women we are honored to walk with. 


I started Renewed Soul to offer women on a spiritual journey support and partnership to experience transformation and wholeness. My mission is to see you live free from pain and suffering. Whether it be division inside your soul from ritual abuse, doubt, and depression from religious trauma, low self-worth and feeling like you don't belong, confusion about who God is and who He says you really are, or feeling completely alone like no one cares, I will walk with you through the pain and out the other side to a new life where you don't just have to "cope" with life, but instead, really live free.

With over 13 years of experience providing Biblical-based Discipleship, Spiritual Direction, Chaplaincy, Faith-based Mentorship, and training in SOZO, Theophostics, Heart Sync Christian IFS, and Immanuel Approach, what truly qualifies me is that I have been you. Confused, ashamed, disappointed, and let down by people I trusted, I lived a life of unthinkable abuse and trauma. I am proof that healing is possible. I am transformed in every part of my body, soul, and spirit. I am extremely grateful for the honor of serving you, and this freedom is for you too. Reach out so we can discuss how Renewed Soul Wellness & Recovery can help you get there. 


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