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for Women Worldwide

Spiritual Direction

& Christian Coaching

Empowering Women Through Faith-Based Coaching, & Spiritual Guidance
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Welcome to Renewed Soul Wellness & Recovery

We Help Women Seeking Spiritual Transformation and Inner Healing

If you've been hurt by religion.

If you've been abused in the church.

If you've survived satanic ritualistic abuse.

If you desperately want to go deeper in your faith.

If you're looking for purpose and fulfillment.

Look no further.


Our mission is to help you pursue your identity, heal from religious trauma, deepen your faith, and see your shattered soul restored. This healing and freedom is a profound reality we have personally experienced. As conduits of hope, we will journey with you to navigate life's challenges, whether it be healing from ritual abuse, or fostering spiritual growth. 

"In all my years of working with the deeply wounded, I have never seen the power of the Holy Spirit shine so brightly as when He enters into the darkest corners of a shattered soul and brings restoration, healing, and wholeness."

~ Dr. Gingrich
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Christian Coaching
Spiritual Direction
Female Faith Mentorship
Women's Discipleship

Treatment for Satanic Ritualistic Abuse

Immanuel Healing Approach

Biblically Based Guidance

Counseling for Betrayal Trauma

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